What are the best festival gift ideas on a shoestring budget?

The festive season is one of the most awaited times of the year and for the right reasons. Festivals and the holiday seasons are a time of togetherness when all the family comes together. Money cannot always buy all the happiness of the world and the same goes for festival gifts. You do not have to waste a huge amount of money on buying gifts. Here are a few festival gift ideas with a low budget:

  1. Fresh flowers: Festivals are the times for bonding and making up for the moments you have not spent with your family. A gesture as simple as getting a bouquet of flowers can hold a lot of importance. Flowers are never a bad option. If you have a picky sister or cousin don’t worry, just gift her bouquet of fresh colorful flowers, she will not help but smile. Orchids, sunflowers, roses, lilies and what not. There is a huge range of flowers to choose from. Expressing love and affection through flowers is not a new tradition. It has been happening for long and is widely accepted too.  Bouquet of amazingly scented flowers will never backfire.

    flower bouquet

  2. Desserts: No festival is complete without a scrumptious array of desserts. Desserts are everyone’s favorite. As for the festive season, one can get busy offering each other desserts in order to wish for a sweeter year ahead. There is no bar on what sweet delicacy you can offer to your loved ones! Making it all the more compelling for fulfilling someone’s sugar cravings this festive season! These days it is in vogue to share desserts that are custom-made by renowned chefs, especially for the festive season! That being said, one can also go for assorted chocolate boxes and gift hampers as well, for sweet results! The new generation prefers chocolates with dry fruits in them more than the same in traditional desserts.

    chocolate gift

  3. Other small gift items: Things like copper vessels and glassware are also pretty popular. Everyone needs these for daily use and it is never a bad idea in giving someone utilitarian gifts! It is way better than wasting money on something not-so-necessary! Designer earthen pots are also sold in large numbers around the festive season. Table lamps look pretty in every household and they add a lot of jazz to your rooms. So innovative table lamps which look pretty are also in the options The more colorful these are, the prettier it looks. Candle stands with designs; cupcakes personalized and specially made for the festivities are also there!

These are only a few ideas. With each passing day, newer things are coming up who are replacing the old traditional gifts. People even gift card games, watches which look like bracelets and even paintings as gifts. People waste a lot of money during festivals on gifts, but that is not necessary! You can make your love and affection felt to your loved ones through these minimalistic yet meaningful gifts! That being said, you can also combine any of the three ideas mentioned above to give your family and friends an assorted gift(s) that is sure to blow them away!