Top 10 Romantic Gift Ideas for Her

Gifts are an expression of love. Gifts are a way to show you appreciate someone’s existence in your life. Gifts do not always need to be given on special occasions or need to be customary, it can be a selfless act of expressing care and concern for your significant other, be it a girlfriend, wife or best friend. Women in general, love receiving gifts. However, women are very good at picking up vibes as well and a gift not given out of love or appreciation will mean less to your partner.

Here are the top 10 romantic gifts you can give her to make her day:

  1. Mason jar full of romantic notes – Everybody loves to hear good things about themselves. Buy a mason jar and fill in with small colorful chits. You can write down ten most beautiful qualities you find in her, or the top ten memories you have of her. You can fill up the jar with confetti, flower petals, sparkles, and handmade chocolates.
  2. A book was written by her favorite author – Many women love to read during their free time, and by gifting her a book by her favorite author, or of her favorite genre will show how much attention you pay to her likes and dislikes.
  3. Jewelry – this one is a tricky one, but is worth the risk. Be it a cute heart-shaped pendant, a charm bracelet, a diamond ring or diamond studs, make sure you know what your ladylove likes to wear. If you are buying her a ring make sure you have noted her finger size in advance.
  4. Take her out or cook dinner for her – A romantic candlelit dinner at a restaurant or at home, prepared by you will surely tug at her hearts strings.
  5. You can also volunteer to do all the household chores for a week – this will truly make her feel loved and cared for.
  6. A scrapbook filled funny anecdotes, romantic poems, memorable pictures of the two of you from all the fun things you have done together.
  7. A bottle of her favorite wine or any other alcoholic beverage she prefers.
  8. Baked goods of all kinds – Women are always worried about gaining weight and looking unattractive. Buying her food will reassure her that you do not mind her gaining a few pounds and you will love her nevertheless.
  9. Bathing essentials – women love a long hot shower after a tiring day at work, and by buying her herbal, scented bathing essential like shampoos, soaps, and scented candles, you will show that you care about her well being and happiness.
  10. Buy a couple tickets to her favorite band’s concert or favorite actor’s movies.


Nobody gives gifts to people who have little or no importance in your life. If you are in love with a woman, you must gift her occasionally to keep the romantic spark alive. For women, more than the monetary value of the gift, the love, intention and thought truly matter.