How you can choose the perfect cake design for your kid’s birthday?

When it comes to purchasing a cake for your child on his/her birthday, you have to be serious about choosing the design which will be best suited. Your child must be expecting a yummy and stunning cake which will also be a show stopper. From a vast range of cakes available at the baker’s shop, it is a very challenging job to pick the one which is the best suited. Whether to opt for an oval, square or custom shaped cake becomes a confusing state for a parent at that moment.

Here are some few tips on how you will choose the ideal cake design for your child’s birthday:

  • Go for a unique design: Good cakes are baked by aiming at all minor details like- style, theme, color and décor in addition to object and character specification. It will be better if you think fast for the design at an early stage rather than leaving it for the last moment. By this, you can refer to many places (as you will be having time in your hand) for the one you have pictured in your mind.
  • Consider the attendees: Before going to purchase from the cake shop do think about the guests who will be attending the party. Of course, it will be a mixed up party as it is your child’s birthday. People including – family, relatives, and friends will be there hence a vibrant color with a fancy design will be best suited.
  • Keep in mind about the theme: Themed birthday parties are considered to be more awesome and fun-filled as compared to regular birthday parties. Hence, if you are setting up a themed party for your child’s birthday, make sure that the cake design is according to the theme. Suppose the theme is Harry Potter, so the cake must contain some graphics related to harry potter with Hogwarts School as background. This will prove to make a great impact on your kid’s mind and will make him/her happier.
  • Don’t get confused and end up mixing everything: A simple and single idea can make the cake look more appealing and beautiful. Don’t try to implement every possible idea which is coming to your mind. This will make the cake look cluttered. Try to stick to a minimum of three designs to give an elegant look to the cake.
  • Try to avoid unappealing themes: There are lots of themes which will sound amazing but doesn’t turn out to be in reality. Though it is better to opt for unique concepts but don’t forget your comfort zone and the tastes of your guests. For example: cutting a cake with an animal image in front of the ones who love animals.


Now that you are aware of the Dos and Don’ts of ‘choosing the birthday cake’ on your child’s birthday, start designing a unique idea for your child’s birthday cake. If he/she (i.e. your child) is staying in India, then there are several options waiting for you. Online cake delivery services are there in plenty and they provide a combo pack which includes flowers too! Choose for the best rated one to send cakes and flowers to India and right at the doorstep of your child’s house!