Christmas Gift Ideas That Don’t Break The Bank!

As the holiday season is just around the corner so is the responsibility to buy Christmas gifts for loved ones! For students, unemployed persons or a person who is living off a pension, buying expensive gifts for everyone is stressful and not advisable. It is the thought that counts and you must commit on giving gifts that truly represent the affection.

The following section talks about some Christmas gift ideas that are easy on the pocket and sure to put a smile on the face of those you care for:

  1. A letter of appreciation – Everyone loves to feel appreciated and cared for, and what better way to express your feelings than penning them down in a heartfelt letter. A more presentable way of doing this might be placing multiple letters in a mason jar and filling it with sweets and small goodies. Try this gift idea only if you are good with words and know the person well enough to write in depth about them.
  2. A mixed tape – This gift never goes out of style. Music really helps lift moods and gifting your loved one a CD or DVD of their favorite songs will make you their favorite. You can even record yourself singing their favorite songs to show how much effort you are willing to make for them.
  3. Books – If your loved one is a bookworm than there is no better gift than a book they have not yet read by their favorite author or genre. You can even gift them inspirational self-help books if they are going through a low phase in life because no one deserves to be sad on Christmas.
  4. Coffee/ tea basket – Depending on the preference of the gift receiver put together a coffee or tea basket, which could include two – three varieties of the beverage, a mug, coffee, or tea flavored chocolates and a packet of cookies.
  5. Home baked cake or cookies – For people who love to bake and have them sent to loved ones who have a sweet tooth, this gift item is an instant yes. A box of homemade cookies, cupcakes, and bread are perfect for a holiday season gift. Baking at home is much cheaper than buying readymade baked goods from the supermarket.
  6. Celebrate their culture – You might have friends who are celebrating Christmas away from their family members and their native place. Depending on to where they come from, buy a souvenir or food item that represents their culture, traditions, and country.
  7. Gym membership – We all have that friend who wants to go to the gym but is not motivated enough. Do the honors and pay for their gym membership fee.


As clichéd as this may sound, but the best gift you can give to someone you love is your time and attention. Cancel all your work-related plans for a day and go out for a movie or dinner with someone you might be unintentionally neglecting lately. No gift can compare to the fact that you care.