10 Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to equip yourself with some great ideas so that you can make this day as much special and memorable as possible for your sweetheart. Now there are lots of things that you can do but all those are pretty regular and ordinary stuff, even a little clichéd. You need to make sure that your love and effort is reflected well.

And in doing all these you also have to keep a check on your pocket. Think something outside the box which won’t be a burden on your pocket.  Here are a 10 send gifts to chandigarh suggestions that can make your valentine’s day special and extraordinary.

  1. Instead of spending a hefty sum of money on reserving a table in an overpriced fancy restaurant, pack your own food basket and take a walk with your loved one in a park and have your own version of a cute, little picnic. You can also go on for a hike with your significant other.
  2. Get two glasses, a bottle of champagne and a soft comfy blanket. Lie down with your partner underneath the starry lit sky and spend away the night snuggling in the blanket.
  3. Invite your date to your place. Cook dinner for him/her. Everything your partner likes. Set the menu according to their preference, starting from the starter to dessert. Even opt for a wine they like. And most importantly cook the meal on your own. This will reflect the love and effort that you put in the relationship.
  4. A bonfire night- grab your guitar and some marshmallows. Spend the night playing songs for your partner while cuddling in a blanket in the warmth of the fire.
  5. You can take a long romantic walk with your partner holding hands in a quiet, serene place. Bonus point for you if you can make one on the beach.
  6. You can always go for a movie night with your sweetheart. Play a romantic movie, snuggle up on the couch and there you have a perfect valentine’s day night.
  7. Dessert making – this is a very out of the box idea. Instead of buying super expensive chocolates or truffles make those yourself with your partner on your side. And believe it or not, your dessert will be the tastiest because it will be full with one special ingredient that is LOVE.
  8. Dance away your valentine’s day night with your partner.
  9. Take your sweetheart to the place where you first met. That will be a pretty romantic surprise.
  10. DIY a valentine’s day card for your honeybun. What better way to express your love than a self-made It is best if you hand-made paper for the card as it would be easier to fold and modify as per your requirement.


Start planning for the day if you do not want to end Valentine’s Day in a fiasco for your sweetheart. Unplanned dates might go very well and smoothly in a romantic film, but we all know how different they are from reality. So, start thinking and planning before it gets too late.