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  • What are the best festival gift ideas on a shoestring budget?

    The festive season is one of the most awaited times of the year and for the right reasons. Festivals and the holiday seasons are a time of togetherness when all the family comes together. Money cannot always buy all the happiness of the world and the same goes for festival gifts. You do not have […]

    09 Nov 2018
  • How you can choose the perfect cake design for your kid’s birthday?

    When it comes to purchasing a cake for your child on his/her birthday, you have to be serious about choosing the design which will be best suited. Your child must be expecting a yummy and stunning cake which will also be a show stopper. From a vast range of cakes available at the baker’s shop, […]

    05 Nov 2018
  • Tips To Choose The Perfect Flower For An Anniversary

    Whether it’s your anniversary or someone else’s, but it is proven that women have a special liking towards flowers, especially roses. Hence, it is an essential part for the person who is attending an anniversary or it is his/her own party. Besides this, one can add an additional note which is denoting the name of […]

    26 Oct 2018